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———————————Story Time: Creation Story———————————


 divine-presence submitted:

“Ah yes, now for my story. Hm, the question is which one to tell. Oh I know, I have the perfect one for you Jamie~”

Long ago between the time of creation and the prosperity of Man, the earth was void of life. The Immortals stayed away from this place simply because they had no reason to go there. They had everything they could ever want. Who would want more? Well, one strange little girl wanted something more. She was bored with her life as goddess. While others played with the stars, she looked to the earth, longing for something exciting. But she was a child and being on the few young goddesses, she was kept on a short leash. When she grew older, she grew bolder and she ventured to the newly formed earth. When her feet touch the ground, grass sprouted around her. When she walked, flowers climbed to the skies and trees sprouted up in her wake. She was truly the child of Demeter and it excited her that she could do this.

With the help of another young god, she formed the surface of the earth using her imagination and her memories of her home. For a while she was happy with this. But something was missing. The earth was alive but still it was empty. So she created the Harvest Sprites to inhabit the place and they treated her like a mother. But something still was missing. She took her figurines of animals and brought them to life and still was she lonely. 

Then by accident, one of her figurines fell to the earth, one of her favorite ones in fact. A crack appear by under its nose and to her surprise, a cry arose from its mouth. When she went to investigate, it stole a breath from her and began to breath itself. Thus the very first human was born and unlike the others, it was of no conscious fault of the goddess. And she smiled down at it.

Thus when their kind began to grow and increase in number on the earth, the young goddess was enraptured by them. None of the other Immortals could understand why. They seemed so mundane, stuck in cyclic patterns. But even then her interest wasn’t that strong and she was young so her attention span was long enough for her to truly start caring. Until she met a young farmer. She disguised herself as a human just for the heck of it and started talking to him by accident. Interacting with humans was strictly forbidden being as it would be wrong for an Immortal to affect their lives. Plus, who knows what damage could be done if they knew of the existence of Immortals. (The higher-ups preferred if the mortals just believed rather than knew.) She had to be careful not to get too involved for else the higher-ups would find out. However, she couldn’t help but get to know this particular farmer even more and more. He was kind, intelligent, and charming. He offered her something she never truly knew of. Friendship.

What the Goddess didn’t know was that this farmer was plagued with a disease that ate away at his flesh. The day of his death, when he finally told her what was wrong with him, she offered to keep him alive as an Immortal like herself. (Now that’s three rules she was breaking.) Despite all the benefits she had offered him, he still refused. “Even if I did take the offer, I would never be like you. You’re a goddess. If you made me into your image, I would just be an abomination.” He said this with a smile, “Besides, what would be the point? You couldn’t love me the way I love you. You’re too kind for that.” Instead, the farmer made her promise to protect and watch over all the other mortals. “If you could care for one of us, it should be easy for you to care for all of us. We need a mother, right?”

When the other Immortals found out about what the young Goddess had been doing, they threatened to destroy the Earth and start over again, this time without meddling humans. Simply an oasis again. Remembering her promise to the farmer, she fought against the other Immortals. For her disobedience, they offered her a choice. Either lose some of her powers and watch over the mortals or watch them die. Naturally she chose the first option without hesitation and was banished from the plane of the Immortals to the world of Earth. From then on, she was chained to the Earth, unable to leave it for very long, the prosperity and the plagues that affect it also affecting her. But she did not cry nor whine as her fellow Immortals tied the chain into her waist.

Because she knew she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

“Ah the end~ What do you think, Jamie my dear?”

…the heroine of the story.

She created a lot great things… And she fought strongly to the end.

But the antagonists

The humans!

The first one took her breath.

The later ones took her protection. And her powers.

That one…even took his own life. He let himself die, when she wanted him to stay.

And the saddest part is that there was nothing else she could do.

To have to make a choice like that… That’s not fair!

It’s not like the humans should’ve all been destroyed… But…

Hmph. If it came down to me or a human… I don’t know.

Lucky I’ll never have to make that kind of choice.

(… …I wonder why she said this was the perfect story for me.)